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About us

Maya Gypsy is a Guatemalan-Australian partnership  based on the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.  We support local Guatemalan Maya artisan workshops who specialise in creating one of a kind Maya inspired bags, shoes and accessories by using traditional Guatemalan textiles, and materials. These Maya artisans already have their wholesale prices set which creates a fair trade environment. The artisans work for themselves, they are passionate about their craft and they are constantly innovating. Their creativity shines through in their unique and magical designs. When you purchase our products you're not only helping create jobs in Guatemala but also empowering these local artisans to create a brighter future for this beautiful country. Maya Gypsy donates 5% of all sales to AMBI a non for profit that helps kids at risk in Guatemala.

 Guatemalan Huipil Textile  Guatemalan Huipil Textile


 Traje indígena

Women in Guatemala have woven the Traje, a traditional Maya garment, for centuries. The top of the dress is called the Huipil and the bottom skirt is called the Corte. The art of weaving textiles for their traditional gown has been used for centuries and woman still use these same techniques and gowns today. The art of weaving Trajes became an incredibly important component of the Guatemalan culture. 

Upcycled Huipiles from different regions in Guatemala are use to create these one of a kind bags; by upcycling these textiles we are helping these women to create new traditional blouses for themselves assuring that this tradition is carry on to the coming generations.

Our vision is to share Guatemalan culture with you, often we get asked "Where's Guatemala?" or "You are the first Guatemalan I know!" hopefully our products will encourage you to one day  visit this amazing country and experience the magic of Guatemala for yourself. Mayan Gypsy visions a Guatemala where equality is not a foreign term but a reality by paying fair prices to Mayan artisans for their creations we believe we can start making a change.

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