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Customer Care

Maya Gypsy’s inspiration comes from a Maya Goddess named Ixchel (ish-chel) aka Moon Goddess the legend says she was the patroness of the weaving arts, healing & fertility. According to the myth it was her fine weaving that attracted the Sun God's attention.

Like Goddess Ixchel, Maya Gypsy wishes to be a protector for the weaving arts, the textiles in your bag are vintage, it would be sad to see these beautiful creations discarded after a short lifetime, instead they've been up-cycled and used to create the bag that you are now holding, please remember this while looking after your bag.

  • If you find any loose threads, this is normal do not pull them but simply trim it as close to the bag as possible taking care to avoid cutting any other threads.

  • Please take due care to avoid rubbing on any harsh surfaces.

  • Direct exposure to heat and sunlight should be avoided.

  • Damp and wet surfaces should be avoided.

  • Keep your bag dry.

  • Chemical cleaners should not be used.

These bags are made with not only vintage textiles but also with soft natural leathers which means they might have slight imperfections, but who is perfect after all? Embrace the imperfections that make your bag one of a kind. Just like you and me.

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